Types of care provided

Residential Care

This is care for people who require assistance or reassurance with their daily living but who do not require full time nursing care. The support is provided by experienced carers under the supervision of a qualified nurse. This gives assuance to both the Resident and their families.

Residential Care

Residential Nursing Care

This is provided for Residents who require frequent specialised nursing care 24 hours a day.  Supported in their daily living by highly trained Carers, Residents have the reassurance of  being able to call upon a high quality nursing team giving them the peace of mind of 24 hour care. 

Residential nursing care

Residential EMI / dementia care

As the population ages and life expectancy continues to rise mental frailties such as Dementia and Alzheimers will become increasingly more common.  Once the needs have been assessed care can be provided in a variety of ways - care/nursing homes or perhaps specialised units. This is frequently referred to as EMI care (Elderly Mentally Infirm).

This type of care can be provided with or without nursing care depending on the needs of the resident.

We believe that all our Residents should continue to live a full and enriched life.  Residents are encouraged to decorate their rooms to give them a familiar 'home like' feel and can participate in our planned activities co-ordinated by are highly trained Activities Co-ordinator.

Residential EMI nursing care

Short-term care
There are many instances where care of any of the types described above is required on a short-term basis. Typical examples of this are respite care so that carers can have a well earned break or for people coming out of hospital who need a few weeks care so they can be rehabilitated before they go home.  All our homes welcome temporary Residents for short term stays.

Short-term care

End of life palliative care

End of life palliative care is the active care of Residents whose conditions no longer respond the treatment and are not expected to recover.  Our highly experienced staff can offer compassionate understanding and support to the individual, family and friends at this difficult time.  The team can also ensure managed pain relief, physical and psychological care for those in our care.

End of life palliative care

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